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Jessie Balajadia

Operations Manager


Emer N. Garcia



is a duly registered and accredited recruitment company in the Philippines primarily engaged in the supply of FILIPINO MANPOWER. The supplied manpower covers a wide range of categories to include the professional and non-professional levels, to which qualified male or female can be fielded.
Ideal utilizes a recruitment system adapted to specific conditions of a given project site, and is tailored to the requirement of its prestigious and selected clientele. The system ensures that both efficiency and cost effectiveness are achieved in the selection of its contract workers. IDEAL maintains a manpower pool and an impressive databank of qualified candidates who have undergone a series of rigid evaluation processes.
Ideal has a stable organization and fully staffed to effectively carry out the company's service objectives and business goals. The organization consists of an adequate number of professional management teams supported by highly qualified line and staff employees, all experienced in the entire process of manpower recruitment and deployment.

Ideal aims to provide clients on a continuing basis, highly qualified Filipino workers for deployment in the Middle East and European countries as well.
In the pursuit of this objective, Ideal proposes to source, shortlist, recommend and deliver employees or contract workers whose qualification by virtue of education, training and work experience match the standard set form by the client.
As a dynamic business organization, we believe that the hallmark of a great business enterprise is flexibility. The conditions and stipulations set forth in the proposal are therefore subject to adjustments depending on prevailing situations in the market place. However, it must be stressed that such flexibility shall in no way jeopardize the interest of the client. We believe that it is only in SERVING THE BEST INTEREST OF OUR CLIENTS that we are able to attain our business objective.