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for over two decades, the Philippines has been the lop choice Of many Countries in the Middle East and Gulf Region for the supply of manpower for their Medical, Administrative, Operations and Maintenance staffing needs. Through the years, the Filipinos proved to be conscientious and responsible workers who easily broke through language and culture barriers. They adapted very well and in many instances excelled in their jobs. The Philippine labor force has also extended manpower supply to various Asian Countries notably in the field of entertainment.
MARIA BULAKLAK G. ORMASA, better known as "FLOWER" has been in the recruitment industry beginning from the seventies when as a B.S.Degree holder she was appointed as Operations Manager at the Aries Promotions & Employment Agency. Aries at the time ranked as one of the top private recruitment agencies with an average annual deployment of 2,000 workers. As an Operations Manager, FLOWER directly supervised recruitment activities for medical workers, maintenance staff and domestic helpers working within a 30 days-development time frame to satisfy client expectations. With her at the helm, Aries had served foreign principals in Saudi Arabia. Bahrain, frag, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Saipan. Hongkong Korea, and in the United States. By 1984 Aries had more than 200 personnel and 5 branches nationwide. Aries became later known as Archers Promotions and Placement Agency.
With her expertise in recruitment, FLOWER 's services continue to be sought by foreign clients and their associates. In 1993 FLOWER decided to pursue loftier goals of further improving quality of client service and more importantly, contributing significantly to the government economic policies towards the vision of PHILIPPINES 20(H). She decided to establish IDEAL PLACEMENT AND MANPOWER SERVICES, INC. which would enable her as General Manager to re-define company objectives and to plan and organize program and activities to carry out those objectives. A stalwart in the recruitment business a lady with a mission and of limitless energy, FLOWER is a partner one would seek out in any pursuit.
IDEAL PLACEMENT AND MANPOWER SERVICES has its offices at Unit J & K, Moca Commercial Square Quirino Ave. cor. Roxas Blvd., Metro Manila, Philippines. It is staffed by recruitment professionals with years of experience in the business. It is well equipped with communication facilities, office machineries and clerical support It measures up to it 's name of being an "IDEAL " place for business.

is a duly registered and accredited recruitment company in the Philippines primarily engaged in the supply of FILIPINO MANPOWER. The supplied manpower covers a wide range of categories to include the professional and non-professional levels, to which qualified male or female can be fielded.
Ideal utilizes a recruitment system adapted to specific conditions of a given project site, and is tailored to the requirement of its prestigious and selected clientele. The system ensures that both efficiency and cost effectiveness are achieved in the selection of its contract workers. IDEAL maintains a manpower pool and an impressive databank of qualified candidates who have undergone a series of rigid evaluation processes.
Ideal has a stable organization and fully staffed to effectively carry out the company's service objectives and business goals. The organization consists of an adequate number of professional management teams supported by highly qualified line and staff employees, all experienced in the entire process of manpower recruitment and deployment.

Ideal aims to provide clients on a continuing basis, highly qualified Filipino workers for deployment in the Middle East and European countries as well.
In the pursuit of this objective, Ideal proposes to source, shortlist, recommend and deliver employees or contract workers whose qualification by virtue of education, training and work experience match the standard set form by the client.
As a dynamic business organization, we believe that the hallmark of a great business enterprise is flexibility. The conditions and stipulations set forth in the proposal are therefore subject to adjustments depending on prevailing situations in the market place. However, it must be stressed that such flexibility shall in no way jeopardize the interest of the client. We believe that it is only in SERVING THE BEST INTEREST OF OUR CLIENTS that we are able to attain our business objective.

General Requirements


    1. Special Power of Attorney (Please refer to Attachment No. 1) This documents is required by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) an agency of the Department of Labor who is charge of legalizing the recruitment process of Filipino Workers through Placement & Manpower Agencies, the client's legal representative in the Philippines. This must be duly attested by the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and noted by the Philippine Embassy in the client's country.

    2. Demand Letter or Job order Request (Please refer to attachment No. 2) This document contains the name of the employer, business address, telephone numbers, contact person, number of professionals/workers needed for each job category, the salary and other fringe benefits or arrangements. This order request must be duly signed by the principal and must bear the company seal.

    3. Recruitment Services Agreement (Please refer to attachment No. 3) This document defines the terms and conditions of the business relationship, the responsibilities of the parties and the monetary consideration involved in the business relationship and must be duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy. (Note: this document is not applicable for Saudi Arabia)

    4. Commercial Registration or Trade License of Client This has to be translated in English and duly certified by the Philippine Embassy in the client's country.

    5. Standard Contract of Employment Between the Principal and the Workers This is to be signed and stamped with company seal by the CLIENT's authorized representative after the period of selection of the candidates and should include the wage & benefits in the form of terms and conditions.

    6. VISA ADVISE SLIP (Applicable to Saudi Arabia)

    7. No Objection Certificate (NOC) , ENTRY or Work permit: (as the case maybe) This document's to be secured by the principal for each and every selected worker and to be processed by the principal with the immigration authority of the clients country certified by the Philippine Embassy. Photocopy of this document together with corresponding document attachments shall be made available to IDEAL.

    8. Letter of Authorization to Collect Visa (Applicable only to Saudi Arabia) This letter of authorization should be stamped with the principal's company seal and duly authenticated by the Saudi Chamber of commerce and Department of Foreign Affairs. This letter will allow IDEAL representative to collect the VISA at the Royal Saudi Embassy in Manila.


    The Employment contract to be signed by the CLIENT and IDEAL's recruited workers should have the following basic minimum requirements:

    1. Free passage to the site of employment and return to the point of origin after completion of contract.

    2. Free food (or reasonable food allowance) and accommodation.

    3. Guaranteed minimum wage prevailing at the site of employment but not less than the guiding rates in the Philippines, as prescribed by the POEA.

    4. Stated Regular working or office hours.

    5. Overtime pay for service rendered in excess of the regular working hours at the site of employment not less than one and a half percent of the regular hourly rate.

    6. Free emergency medical and dental services.

    7. Just causes for termination of the contract or services of the workers under the law at the site of employment.

    8. Workmen's compensation benefit under Philippine law or place of employment whichever is more beneficial to the employee and whenever applicable, war hazards protection services and compensation for service-connected illness or injuries or death.

    9. Transportation of the worker's remains and properties in case of death to the point of origin at the expense of the employer or, if not possible under certain circumstances, the proper disposition of the remains upon previous arrangement with the worker's next of kin, or in the absence of the latter, the nearest Philippine Labor Attache.

    10. Minimum Vacation leave of at least fifteen (15) days for every year or thirty (30) days for every two (2) years of service, with free transportation to the homesite of the employee/worker; or of the employee/worker does not avail of this benefit, computation equal to cash to include transportation to and from employee/workers country.

    11. Should CLIENT employment contract contain provisions more beneficial than the above minimum requirements, the CLIENT employment contract will prevail and such benefits should accrued to the recruited worker.

Service Guarantee

All deployed workers shall undergo a minimum three-month probationary period with the CLIENT. During this probationary period, a worker who, in the judgement of the CLIENT is incompetent or lack the skills for the particular kind of work stated in his employment contract, shall be replaced by IDEAL without cost to the CLIENT. After the probationary period beginning from the employee’s arrival date in the CLIENT’s country, IDEAL shall have no responsibility for any repatriation case.

Furthermore, IDEAL service guarantee shall be effected provided:
  • The workers are assigned to the job categories and/or paid based on the salary grade for which they are hired;
  • In case of alleged unsatisfactory performance, the worker’s performance evaluation is to be furnished to IDEAL’s satisfaction, IDEAL shall replace the unqualified or unfit worker at no cost to the CLIENT; and
  • In case a CLIENT’s representative is appointed to conduct the final selection of workers, IDEAL shall be relieved from such liability .

Proposal Highlights

Client Name:
Nature of Business:
Services Required: Manpower Supply
Total Requirements: To be specified by client.
Point of Destination:
Cost Considerations: Regarding Service Fee Schedules for further discussion with the client.
Air ticket cost to be paid by client.
Delivery Period: 30-45 working days depending on the volume of all recruitment documents required to process and do full accreditation with Philippine authorities; further subject to receipt of working visa permit.
Manpower Package: The MANPOWER SUPPLY PACKAGE includes the following:
  1. Selection of qualified personnel through rigid screening procedures such as interviews, by top Nursing Consultant personal background check, written/actual trade test, (if applicable) oral examination, medical and psychological testing;
  2. Processing of travel documents of the selected applicants to include Philippine Department of Labor filing/releasing; passport processing at the Department of Foreign affairs; criminal record clearances at the National Bureau Of Investigation, medical clearances from accredited medical centers, certifications, authentications, visa filing, and exit passage clearance from the Labor Assistance Center (LAC) at the airport.
  3. Orientation of the selected applicants on the culture and traditions of the country of deployment; pre-departure briefing, and other airport assistance.

Scope of Services

IDEAL PLACEMENT AND MANPOWER SERVICES, INC. shall render services which cover the entire recruitment process starting from the initial screening and interview up to the point of manpower delivery,(after client approval) and even “ after deployment “ services. IDEAL selection system is a stringent process with several elimination points. The procedure is meant to ensure that only qualified top quality workers will be provided to the client.
    IDEAL recruits qualified personnel in accordance with the client’s hiring criteria. The initial pool of personnel requested by the client will be drawn from files of IDEAL applicants previously selected and ready for placement. This manpower bank is comprised of IDEAL reserves who are available on call to meet the requirements of the client. Should these reserves be insufficient to meet the required number of the client, IDEAL places advertisements in leading newspapers of national circulation depending on the arrangement with the client. Supporting the list of recommended employees is a personnel file. Presentation containing information relevant to each applicant which includes the following:
    • work experience, employment history & colored photo, comprehensive CV containing detailed educational background
    • photocopy of applicable license
    • certifications and references

    Considering the sensitive nature of client business services, IDEAL’s selection procedure includes a complete medical examination. This comprehensive examination covers full chest x-ray, stool, urine and other laboratory analysis including blood tests, AIDS test, Hepatitis and other physical and dental examinations and other tests as required by the country of work or the client.

    An integral part of IDEAL’s selection process is the requirement for all its applicant to undergo a battery of psychological tests appropriate to the applicant’s level and position applied for. IDEAL shall take charge of applicable testing utilizing only modern testing techniques and materials administered by trained and capable recruitment officers.

    Should an applicant pass the series of tests, IDEAL conducts a final interview with each applicant prior to submission of and recommendation employment to the client. After client approval IDEAL begins processing the necessary documents of the workers with the following agencies:
    • Department of Labor and Employment (POEA)
    • Department of Foreign Affairs/Passport Division
    • Embassy of Foreign Principal

    Travel arrangements such as ticketing and plane booking for the workers a well as departure proceedings at the Labor Assistance Center (LAC) at the airport will be made by IDEAL in coordination with the client’s preferred of booking schedules.

    Depending on the volume of Job Orders, the following are typical processing time frames from the receipt of Job order to the delivery of the required manpower:
    • 30 - 45 working days for GCC Countries
    • 30 - 45 working days for Asian Countries
    • Maximum of 15 days for Europe and other countries depending on the availability of Working Permit.

    Note that the above delivery periods are subject to the receipt of all recruitment documents being required by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and VISA requirements such as No Objection Certificates (NOC), Working Permits, Acceptance Permit, and other similar documents.

    IDEAL conducts an orientation program for all its recruits before departure from the Philippines. The orientation covers basic information in the country of destination, code of conduct and behavior, employment terms and conditions and other pertinent data. The orientation program is designed to make the worker adapt more easily to the existing customs and traditions of the country of deployment and the prevailing conditions in the work place. This will have the end-result of making the worker immediately productive.

    1. IDEAL will supply the client the required quantity of personnel by job category in accordance with the given Task and Job Order Request officially communicated to IDEAL.
    2. CLIENT shall provide IDEAL the necessary qualifications, job descriptions, hiring rates and other employment criteria and arrangements (food, accommodation, etc.) pertinent to the employee recruitment.
    3. CLIENT shall assign to IDEAL its job order demand which includes block visa/working permit or NOC, and shall provide all the duly authenticated documents required to process the papers and deploy the selected workers on time.
    4. Plane fare in the form of PREPAID TICKET ADVISE (PTA) tickets shall be provided by CLIENT at no cost to IDEAL or the worker. The PTA tickets shall be transmitted promptly to IDEAL after receipt of all required documents and after the final selection of workers is made by the CLIENT or its authorized representative , or by IDEAL (when authorized). IDEAL shall process and deploy all finally selected candidates.
    5. Processing and deployment period shall be within the time frame specified from the date of receipt of all required documents.