Proposal Highlights

Client Name:
Nature of Business:
Services Required: Manpower Supply
Total Requirements: To be specified by client.
Point of Destination:
Cost Considerations: Regarding Service Fee Schedules for further discussion with the client.
Air ticket cost to be paid by client.
Delivery Period: 30-45 working days depending on the volume of all recruitment documents required to process and do full accreditation with Philippine authorities; further subject to receipt of working visa permit.
Manpower Package: The MANPOWER SUPPLY PACKAGE includes the following:
  1. Selection of qualified personnel through rigid screening procedures such as interviews, by top Nursing Consultant personal background check, written/actual trade test, (if applicable) oral examination, medical and psychological testing;
  2. Processing of travel documents of the selected applicants to include Philippine Department of Labor filing/releasing; passport processing at the Department of Foreign affairs; criminal record clearances at the National Bureau Of Investigation, medical clearances from accredited medical centers, certifications, authentications, visa filing, and exit passage clearance from the Labor Assistance Center (LAC) at the airport.
  3. Orientation of the selected applicants on the culture and traditions of the country of deployment; pre-departure briefing, and other airport assistance.
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